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"Give Your Home an
Aromatherapy Makeover!"
A Room By Room Approach To Transforming Your Home With Essential Oils

(Beta-Launch Special Offer Available For a Limited Time!)

  •  Know exactly which essential oils to use for which rooms in your house.
  •  Discover how to protect your health and that of your family with natural remedies.  
  •  Learn dozens of ways to make your house a safer home, have it smell amazing, feel homey, using the all-natural gifts that Mother Nature gave us.  

Brought to you by Ami Sarasvati, Certified Aromatherapist, Practitioner, Instructor, and Creator of Love Your Home Aromatherapy

Are you the one who feathers the nest?  Do you aspire to be a healer in your family?  If you are ready to start replacing harmful chemicals that could be hurting your family with pure essential oils, this masterclass is for you. If you want to learn my room-by-room approach to transforming your home with essential oils, this masterclass is for you. If you have wanted to incorporate aromatherapy into your family’s lifestyle, but weren’t sure where to start, this masterclass is for you.

Ami Sarasvati - Certified Aromatherapist Specializing in Healthy Homes, Creator of the Love Your Home Aromatherapy Masterclass

Most people aren’t even aware that the products they are using to “clean” and “purify” their home are filled with countless harmful chemicals threatening the health of themselves and their families. Are you ready to learn how to start using pure essential oils to make your house a safer home that also smells amazing?
"Ami is your go-to person if you want to incorporate essential oils in your home.”  

“If you are confused with all the information that is available online about essential oils and not sure what to do,  I highly recommend you work with Ami.  One thing I know for sure is that Ami knows her stuff.  She has a passion for what she does and uses only pure, high quality oils.  When Ami shares her intuitive knowledge about the plants, she is working on many levels.  She has an amazing spiritual connection with the plants.  She knows how powerful the oils are and educates you at the same time, so that you have an understanding of the power they hold.  Ami is very knowledgeable and your go-to person if you want to incorporate essential oils in your home.”  

-Suzanne Carrier,
Bow, NH

Here's How and Why I Can
Make You This Promise... 

My name is Ami Sarasvati. I’m the creator of the Love Your Home Aromatherapy program. In addition to working with numerous small groups in my community, I have had the privilege and honor of training my local hospital medical staff on how to use essential oils with patients since 2014. Over 2,000 patients have been helped with the use of carefully selected essential oils.

Before we continue, let me share how I came to fall in love with essential oils...

My journey with essential oils began in 2004 when I took my first aromatherapy training. I had heard of essential oils but really had no understanding of the practice.  

I was staying at a Bed and Breakfast.  The owner was a great conversationalist, and, over coffee and eggs I mentioned we were opening a healing arts studio back home and that we eventually wanted to have a variety of different options to help people - including sound healing and aromatherapy.

To that she exclaimed “Oh my goodness!”

“You HAVE to meet the owners of this essential oil company. They are my dear friends and are right down the road.” 

That started me down a path of falling in love with essential oils which has become a lifetime passion.

It was after that first training when I started using essential oils in my home.

I started using them with my two children, Justin and Rose, in a variety of ways. I quickly learned how effective essential oils were in helping all of us get to sleep, as a beautiful-smelling bug repellent, and as a study aid.

The kids and I really loved working with the
oils and we started replacing the products we got from the store with all-natural products. Then we started making our own products, using pure essential oils.

Once I read and thought about the warning labels on the cleaning and personal care products we were using, I realized the danger I was putting myself and my children in. I remember reading the label on my toothpaste that said “if swallowed, contact poison control” and I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands—literally.

Every time I got one of these terrible products out of my home I felt an immense sense of satisfaction knowing that I was doing the right thing for the health of myself and my family.  

"Over 150 chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities."

(Source): Consumer Product Safety Commission

The more I learned about essential oils, the more I desired to replace the harmful chemicals I kept discovering in my house with all-natural alternatives...

I started addressing my kids’ colds and showing them how to use essential oils safely. Safety is a BIG passion of mine! 

I used them to clean my kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and home office.  The bonus, of course, was that suddenly the house smelled exquisite!

Then we started using essential oils for fun!  My son Justin LOVED frankincense to help him relax at night.  

Then my kids heard me mention that essential oils can help improve focus. They started using them to help them with their homework.

The more we explored the different ways to use essential oils around our home, the more we loved this new way of taking care of ourselves and our home.

I remember when my daughter, Rose, and I made our First Aid AromaKit (more about that later) and since then, I’ve never left home without it!

At my job, I developed a reputation that if anyone got hurt, sick, or had some sort of minor issue they came to see me and I happily whipped out my AromaKit. This still happens to this day! It is a great feeling, knowing how to help so many people with the essential oils.

It has been a big hit at work to have my diffuser going, using essential oil blends and recipes, depending on what’s needed most: if someone is coming down with a bug, or we have a big deadline that is stressful, or if someone is going through a breakup. The essential oils quietly and tirelessly do their job.

What am I most passionate about when it comes to essential oils?  Sharing the knowledge of how to use them!  I want to help you make over your home with pure essential oils, room by room.

That's why I created the Love Your Home Aromatherapy Masterclass.

This course is going to give you everything you need to give your home an essential oils makeover!

I invite you to become a healer in your home by educating yourself on the use of authentic essential oils.  The practice of aromatherapy does require education. Anyone beginning the essential oil journey is urged to learn the guidelines on how to use essential oils responsibly and safely.

"We saw amazing results from working with Ami!  She's a breath of fresh air!”  

"Ami’s wealth of knowledge benefited not only our residents but also our associates.  Providing training, the “why” behind essential oils, and giving residents with dementia a non-pharmacological approach to mood stabilization, was a breath of fresh air!  She comes to her work with heart and knowledge. We saw amazing results in our targeted goals for residents. Thank you Ami!” 

Be Well,

Amber Evans, MA, R-DMT, LCMHC, CDP, BC-DEd
Memory Care/Reflections and Engagement Specialist

Every minute you wait is another minute harmful chemicals are negatively affecting the health of you, your family, and even your pets

"Since 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity. We are, by default, conducting a massive clinical toxicology trial, and our children and their children are the experimental animals.According to the Consumer Protection Agency, 150 chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders."

Introducing The "Love Your Home Aromatherapy" Masterclass
Instant Access - 100% Digital Training Program
Here's What You Will Discover Inside The Love Your Home Aromatherapy Program...
An overview of the "Love Your Home Aromatherapy" program’s structure.   

Introduction Module - Welcome To Love Your Home Aromatherapy

In this module, you will discover the foundation of what you should expect from the "Love Your Home Aromatherapy" program.  

In this introductory module Ami, the creator of the program, welcomes you to the program, and walks you through the structure.   

Module 1: What Is Aromatherapy?

In this module you will learn...

  • What is a therapeutic grade essential oil, and do they actually exist

  • Define Essential Oil and Aromatherapy

  • Pure Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Products - avoid the mistake of being sold on synthetic products that call themselves aromatherapy but are anything but. 

  • Learn exactly what to look for in choosing pure essential oils. Know what to look for on the bottle to ensure you have an authentic essential oil.  Gain instant confidence in your buying choices right away with these tips. 

  • Find out how long pure essential oils can actually last on your shelf.  

  • Should you find any additives in your essential oils? 

  • And much, much more...  

Module 2: Pulling Back The Curtain & Two “Low-Hanging Fruit” of Aromatherapy

In this module, discover the low-hanging fruits of Aromatherapy.  I will pull back the curtain so you can understand why essential oil quality is so important, I will introduce you to essential oil application methods (and exactly how to use them), and then we start discussing specific ways to use essential oils in your home.

Here's just a glimpse of what you will see inside this module...

  • Quality Matters - How to identify high quality essential oils •
  • Tips on Reading the Bottle - know within seconds if you are looking at a quality essential oil and how to spot the knock-offs 
  • Aromatherapy by Inhalation - The Oldest and Easiest Method of Essential Oil Application.  Discover why this is one of the fastest (and safest) ways to get many of the amazing benefits of essential oils! 
  • The Holistic Benefits of Medicinal Aromatherapy (The Physical, Mental/Emotional, and the Spiritual) 
  • Diffusing Essential Oils - 5 Different Types of Diffusers (and the one I use most of the time in my home).  Diffusing is a great way to get the therapeutic benefits of essential oils AND make your home smell so good you won't want to leave it!   
  • What Hydrosols are and why they are great!  These are one of the easiest and safest ways to use aromatherapy.   
  • A primer on Hydrosols and Hydrolats (one of the low-hanging fruits of Aromatherapy and how to use them in your home)! 
  • The Essential Oil Application Continuum and Essential Oil Potency.  Learn the different ways to apply essential oils, when to use which one, and why!    
  • And much, much more...

Module 3: Essential Oils - Safety First And Always! 

This module focuses on the very important topic of essential oil safety.  They say the only cure for bad information is better information.  There is a lot of dangerous information online about essential oils. It is critically important that you know how to use essential oils safely.

  • The POWER of Pure Essential Oils - why using 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils is so important.  Don't make the mistake of using low-quality cosmetic grade essential oils from shady sources. 

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of essential oil usage.  Don't make these critical mistakes! 

  • Aromatherapy Rules - know the whens, whys, and hows of good aromatherapy practice. 

  • Safe and responsible essential oil use - save yourself from negative reactions, dangerous use advice from uninformed users, phototoxicity reactions, and other important guidelines for special cases.   

  • 9 Tips for Safe and responsible aromatherapy practice at home - with these tips you will be confident in your ability to safely use essential oils in your own home 

  • Special Precautions for Elderly and Babies 

  • And much more!

Module 4: Love Your Home Aromatherapy Room By Room! 

This module is the heart of this Masterclass.  Here’s where we go through the house room by room and cover the recommendations of different essential oils. 

In this module, I cover:

  • In the kitchen - The three go-to essential oils I use!  If you love spending time in your kitchen (if you wished you did!) you’re going to love the addition of these simple-to-implement applications! • Why I recommend geranium, rhododendron, and blue spruce for the living room and family room. 
  • How to safely use essential oils in your child’s bedroom
  • My 2 top picks to diffuse in the bathroom to leave it smelling great!
  • The 3 more essential oils to use in your home office for peak mental performance, productivity and focus 
  • Essential oils in the basement? Absolutely! which ones I recommend for critter control, as well as anti-fungal, and antimicrobial powerhouses 
  • Get great smelling laundry naturally - swap out chemically laden products for natural alternatives and enjoy heavenly scented clothes and linens (also, you'll learn about the simple and all-natural method I use to make my laundry smell great!)
  • DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET! - Gain immediate access to the Love Your Home Aromatherapy Worksheet. Get specific recommendations, with a unique room-by-room approach!  This is the starting point of what essential oils to use in each room of the home, how to use them, and why each is used! 
  • And much, much more!

Module 5: Getting Started With Aromatherapy In Your Home

In this module you will discover just how to get started using aromatherapy in your home.  You will learn actionable take-aways from this training program to start making your house smell great and be more homey with essential oils.

Topics will include:

  • How to make your very own essential oil first aid Aroma kit!  You will learn some different ideas to possibly include in your ‘on the go’ essential oil kit 
  • See a video of Ami with her dog Maggie (and learn about the combination of essential oils she uses to keep her smelling great and protect her from fleas)  
  • Authentic aromatherapy vs. fad aromatherapy - discover the difference and how to properly take advantage of the many benefits real aromatherapy can have in your home! 
  • Quality, safety, and responsibility - more about the importance of responsible essential oil use 
  • Home worksheet - how to get started in your home with a customized aromatherapy plan! 
  • Trusted resources to take the next steps - get my list of recommended resources to continue your aromatherapy education and get more bonus training! 
  • Receive additional resources for aromatherapy books from the best practitioners in the industry.  Get going right away with wonderful recipes, safety guidelines, and fascinating new approaches to health on all levels! 
  • The First Aid AromaKit - see how a versatile, effective, highly portable, all-natural healing kit can be yours. 
  • Receive the three PDFs: Pet Spray, Home Worksheet, and the First Aid AromaKit – They take the guesswork out of the equation. Start using specific essential oils right away on your sticks-and-bricks home as well as your bodily home safely and effectively 
  • And much, much more!
Consider the possibilities for yourself
after this Masterclass...
  • You'll discover exactly how to support the health of your family because you will know better that to continue using the toxic chemicals that you used to use in your home.
  •  You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people eager to use essential oils in their home.
  •  You'll know exactly how to understand the quality of different essential oils, what to look for on the bottle, and which ones to use in different rooms of your home.
  •  You'll have a proven "AromaKit" of a wide range of essential oils to help you instantly change your mood, deal with minor ailments, and so much more. You can even be the Go-to Hero' who offers instant help for friends, family and loved ones.
  •  The Love Your Home Aromatherapy masterclass will set you to start using all-natural, essential-oil-based recipes to make your home smell amazing and protect the health of you and your loved ones.
  •  You could take some of the Love Your Home aromatherapy essential oil ideas in this training program, make your own blends, and sell them to friends, family or even co-workers.
About the “Love Your Home
Aromatherapy” Masterclass...

I want you to get this information because I know how important it can be, especially if you are new to essential oils.

I want you to have access to the knowledge that can mean the difference between proper oil use, and usage that can do more harm than good.  I want you to know how to immediately start using these easy-to-implement essential oil recipes in each room of your home.

If you value your health and well-being like I do, then it's a very modest investment when you consider you'll be able to use this information for a lifetime.

I wanted to price this masterclass so that it was information you can use for the rest of your life for less than the cost of your typical co-pay for a visit to a specialist or urgent care visit. You can get all this great content for less than one dinner out with the family, a night at the movies, or even a tank of gas to fill a truck these days.

Today, you can claim your personal lifetime access to this training for just $47.

Here's How Your Training Program Will Be Delivered

Instantly after submitting your order, you'll be taken to a private password-protected membership page. Once there, you'll register with your email and select a password.  

As soon as you do that, you're in!  And you can start using all this material right away to create a home you love even more.

Here's What You Get In The Love Your Home Aromatherapy Masterclass...

You get the 5-Module video training program that will walk you step-by-step through the entire room by room process from start to finish. You get all the insiders-only instruction on how to make your house a home with essential oils. You get the exact blueprint you need to safely and effectively use essential oils in your home!

Full 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the Love Your Home Aromatherapy masterclass doesn't show me exactly which essential oils to use for which rooms and why... if it doesn't take me by the hand, and walk me through a step-by-step, room by room approach to transforming my home with essential oils... or if it fails to help me discover the secrets to making my own natural, safe & inexpensive cleaning products, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose because you can just send me an e-mail and I will make sure you get taken care of.  

It's that simple.

You'll also keep the training.

That's it!

You're going to love this masterclass. I’m so excited to share this information with you. Imagine knowing more about essential oils & aromatherapy (and how to implement it in your own home) than you ever thought possible.

I understand because I've been there myself.

This course is the one training I wish I had access to when I first started out.

Here's How To Order Right Now

You are just moments away from getting immediate access to all of the course materials and bonus reports.  The Love Your Home Aromatherapy Masterclass is an online training program that you can access 24/7.

Hit the button below, enter your details on the next page, and I'll get you started right away...

Special Beta-Launch Pricing!
Yes, I want to make over my home with Aromatherapy!

Ami Sarasvati, Certified Aromatherapist, Practitioner, Instructor, and Creator of The Love Your Home Aromatherapy Training Program

Let's get started right now! What do you have to lose?  Either you love this course and learn more than you ever thought possible about using essential oils in your home, or you get 100% of your money back.  Guaranteed!

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